Google Cloud Internal HTTP(S) Load Balancers now have global access support

Previously, the envoy-based Internal HTTP(S) load balancers could only be accessed within the same region. For orgs that leverage multiple regions and perform cross-region traffic, this limitation was a real pain point, and not a problem for AWS ALBs. So, I’m glad to see it’s now offered:

Oddly, the radio button only shows up during the ILB creation. To modify an existing one, use this gcloud command:

gcloud compute forwarding-rules update NAME --allow-global-access

Or, in Terraform:

resource "google_compute_forwarding_rule" "default" {
  allow_global_access   = true

It’s also important to be aware that Global access on the HTTP(S) ILB must be enabled if accessing from another load balancer via PSC. If not, you’ll get this error message:

 Error 400: Invalid value for field 'resource.backends[0]': '{  "resourceGroup": "projects/myproject/regions/us-west1/networkEndpointGroups/psc-backend", ...'. Global L7 Private Service Connect consumers require the Private Service Connect producer load b
alancer to have AllowGlobalAccess enabled., invalid


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