Using the Palo Alto XML API

Palo Alto version 9 and above has a nice REST-API. For those still on 8, only the older XML-API is available. Here’s a quick rundown on how to use it.

Setup accounts and roles. By default, users with an API key will have full access to the XML API. Here’s a specifically restrictive role:

Once roles are configured, each user or account should obtain a separate API key. This can be done with a simple curl request:

curl -k -X GET \

Look for the API key in the XML output between they <key></key> tags.

Download pan-python and unpack it:

tar -xzvf pan-python-0.16.0.tar.gz

Note: this can also be installed as a Python package with pip3 install pan-python. But it requires urllib2, which was replaced with urllib3 in Python3.

Give it a spin:

./pan-python-0.16.0/bin/ -h -K "LUFRPT1ZTWcxL0F6RngvNkl2eFdDeS9JMjhDUUlGbTg9ZWhlWEtjUFF3UVU1OEViZlJHWDloLzdvL0s4Zm1kU0MvZ1dMTFpnc2xZcz0=" -x -o "<show><routing><route></route></routing></show>"

This will return XML version of the “show routing route” CLI command.


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