Started upgrading our F5 BigIPs from 11.6.1 to 12.1.2.  That went fine, but when installing the first hotfix, the drop-down menu to select the volumes once again turned up empty:


Solution is install the hotfix via CLI:

(tmos)# bash
# ls /shared/images/*-HF*.iso
# tmsh
(tmos)# install sys software hotfix Hotfix-BIGIP- volume HD1.1
(tmos)# show sys software status
Sys::Software Status
Volume Product Version Build Active Status
HD1.1 BIG-IP 12.1.2 0.0.249 no installing 10.000 pct
HD1.2 BIG-IP 11.6.1 2.0.338 no complete
HD1.3 BIG-IP 12.1.2 0.0.249 yes complete


At this point you can go back to GUI, watch the installation complete, and boot to that volume.


Since F5 no longer does hotfixes, the image option should be used instead

(tmos)# install sys software image BIGIP- volume HD1.2
(tmos)# show sys software status
HD1.1    BIG-IP   0.0.10     yes complete
HD1.2    BIG-IP   0.0.3      no  installing 10.000 pct