Started upgrading our F5 BigIPs from 11.6.1 to 12.1.2.  That went fine, but when installing the first hotfix, the drop-down menu to select the volumes once again turned up empty:


Solution is install the hotfix via CLI:

(tmos)# bash
# ls /shared/images/*-HF*.iso
# tmsh
(tmos)# install sys software hotfix Hotfix-BIGIP- volume HD1.1
(tmos)# show sys software status
Sys::Software Status
Volume Product Version Build Active Status
HD1.1 BIG-IP 12.1.2 0.0.249 no installing 10.000 pct
HD1.2 BIG-IP 11.6.1 2.0.338 no complete
HD1.3 BIG-IP 12.1.2 0.0.249 yes complete


At this point you can go back to GUI, watch the installation complete, and boot to that volume.