Upgrading Cacti from 0.8.8 to 1.0.6

Not too painful.  Cacti 1.x requires a few PHP modules that the legacy versions did not.  This was an easy fix in CentOS:

# yum install php-ldap
# yum install php-posix
# yum install php-mbstring
# apachectl restart

The next trick was on the database side.  I’d been using a MySQL / MariaDB 5.5 server hosted on a QNAP.  It looks like the installation script was reading the local /etc/my.cnf file to get tuning parameters, and complaining about several settings.  I ignored the warnings and proceeded.

The database upgrade took several seconds, but did complete.  However, upon login in via web, some pages were loading incomplete.  Fix was to reset the Server Base URL setting, since without it, the CSSes weren’t referenced properly.


That’s it.  Good to see Cacti finally on the 1.0 side of things


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