Installing Terraform on FreeBSD

I was pleased to recently discover that Terraform is in the FreeBSD packages. To install, simply do this:

pkg install terraform

As of February 2022, the latest version is 1.0.11. To run 1.1.6, first remove the package:

pkg remove terraform

Then download the most recent version and copy the binary to /usr/local/bin. Should be good to go:

% terraform version
Terraform v1.1.6
on freebsd_amd64

% terraform init

Initializing the backend...

Initializing provider plugins...
- Finding latest version of hashicorp/aws...
- Installing hashicorp/aws v4.2.0...
- Installed hashicorp/aws v4.2.0 (signed by HashiCorp)

Terraform has been successfully initialized!

Hopefully they’ll update to 1.1 soon. Today I learned about the nullable option for variables, and it’s a very useful option when working with parent/child modules.


Clearing out /var/spool/clientmqueue in FreeBSD

My FreeBSD VM with its 10GB virtual hard disk ran out of space today. The primary culprit was /var/spool/clientmqueue consuming nearly 3GB of space:

# du -d 1 /var/spool/
8	/var/spool/output
4	/var/spool/opielocks
2955904	/var/spool/clientmqueue
4	/var/spool/dma
4	/var/spool/lpd
4	/var/spool/lock
4	/var/spool/mqueue
2955936	/var/spool/

But when trying to just delete the files, I got “argument list too long”:

# rm -f /var/spool/clientmqueue/*
/bin/rm: Argument list too long.

In the Google search I learned something interesting: find has a -delete option. This worked well:

# find /var/spool/clientmqueue -name '*' -delete