Using Microsoft NPS and RADIUS Authentication server for Cisco Nexus Devices

In the Network Policy, add a Vendor Specific Attribute.  Chose Cisco as the vendor, Cisco-AV-Pair as the name.

Add these two Attribute Values:

shell:roles=*"network-admin vdc-admin"



Cisco 2702i Lightweight AP Factory Reset when Controller not available

Power on the AP while holding down the Mode button until the LED turns red, then release.  Wait for the “ap:” prompt.  Then do this:

ap: delete flash:capwap-saved-config
Are you sure you want to delete "flash:capwap-saved-config" (y/n)?y
File "flash:capwap-saved-config" deleted
ap: boot
Rebooting system to reset DPAA...

And for good measure

AP#delete flash:config.txt
Delete filename [config.txt]? 
Delete flash:/config.txt? [confirm]
Proceed with reload? [confirm]